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Seafab Metals

1112 N. VIP Blvd.
Casa Grande, AZ 85222


TEL 1-520-421-3200
FAX 1-520-421-3222


Seafab Metals Company has been a provider of shielding technology since the days of the Manhattan project. Over the years we have been instrumental in offering new materials and new methods of manufacture to meet the needs of the nuclear industry, both in research and in power generation. Seafab and it's parent company, Doe Run, were the first to suggest and successfully apply calcium lead alloys as a solution to the creep related dimensional stability problems in high energy calorimeters and radiation oncology focusing devices.

Seafab remains in the forefront of supply by being responsible for the manufacture of ultra high integrity lead castings for spent nuclear fuel casks and related components. Continuous lead pours of up to 500,000 pounds are possible within our facilities. Seafab's manufacturing experience dating to the 1920's combined with Doe Run's knowledge of metallurgy dating from the mid 1800's combine to provide an unbeatable blend of manufacturing and materials application.

If you have had difficulty obtaining components with sufficient structural integrity, challenge our team. We haven't been stumped yet.