Welcome to Seafab Metals Division of Fabricated Products Inc. We offer our customers the confidence that we are the BEST, SAFEST, and MOST CREATIVE of any lead technology producers in the world.

Seafab Metals

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The use of lead and lead alloys has a long history of being the material of choice in electrowinning and electro deposition. Lead's unique properties of economy and corrosion resistance in strong corrosive environments are the biggest reasons for its success. Seafab has long been a leader in the production of shaped anodes as well as anode sheets for these applications.

In our quest to provide the industry with unique solutions, Seafab has been a technology leader with such innovative products as coextruded electrostatic precipitator anodes. Which combine the strength of a high tensile core wire with the corrosion resistance and economy of an outer lead sheath.

SeaFab has long been North America's leader in the production of lead-calcium-tin plates for Copper SXEW anodes. Seafab is currently the sole producer of anode blades for this application in North America. A combination of metallurgical expertise and processing control through the rolling procedure is necessary to maintain tolerances on length, width, thickness and flatness which is critical to this application.

Seafab has manufactured lead silver anodes for zinc electrowinning and produced them in a novel upside down casting process which resulted in improved structural consistency from other manufacturing methods.